Floor Machines for Stone & Tile

Keeping a natural stone surface looking its best is key. Because of this, floor machines play vital role in keeping your floors in top shape. Successful maintenance professionals know that equipment choice is important. Yet, finding high quality floor machines can be a challenge but does not have to be. Additionally, stone restorers need specifically designed machinery in some cases. Let’s look at why Achilli is the right choice.

Floor Machines and Maintenance

Magnificent looking flooring keeps its appearance through maintenance. Along those lines it may be necessary for a marble or travertine floor to be polished. Hence, Achilli has an entire line of floor polishing and grinding machines. You will find on this site machines for granite, marble, concrete and other stones. In addition to that equipment you will find specialty machines.

Specially Designed Machines

Our polishing and grinding machines are versatile. However, there are times when the job will require a machine designed to do one job very well. In these cases you may need one of the following floor machines.

  1.  Large areas that need maintenance. The 2-heads grinder and polisher are designed for large areas.
  2.  Polishing or grinding staircases. These cases call for the LS40-CE hydraulic step grinder.
  3.  Polishing and maintaining all types of stone floors. LUXA floor polisher is perfect for cleaning and removing surface defects.

No matter what maintenance or restoration project you undertake, you will find a machine her that can help you. So why not take a look around?