TOP Manual Working Center

TOP Manual Countertop Workcenter

TOP Manual Countertop Workcenter

The TOP Manual Working Center is an all-in-one machine offering fabricators the ability to perform many operations on stone materials. This multi-purpose manual countertop workcenter makes shaping and polishing a breeze. Some of the tasks that the manual working center machine is capable of tackling are discussed here.

Machine for Working Stone Countertops

The TOP is a versatile stone machine that equips professionals to handle an array of countertop fabrication center tasks including:

  • Sink Cut-outs
  • Shaping
  • Edge Polishing
  • Polishing Internal Contours
  • External Contour Polishing
  • Drilling
  • Recess Drains

This Achilli machine offers many functional design elements that make it a great machine for stone professionals that work a lot of kitchen and bathroom countertops. Furthermore, this all-in-one machine is for drilling, edge profiling, polishing, sink cut-outs, and more; hence, this multi-purpose tool makes the task easy, accurate, and clean. So, take a look at some of the TOP Manual Countertop Workcenter features:

  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Stainless Steel Guides and Wheels for Head Motion
  • Adjustable Mechanical Limit Switches
  • Micro Spindle Adjustment on Y and Z Axes
  • Compatible With Shaped Wheels for Manual Routers
  • Powerful and reliable pressurized electro-spindle with external lubrication automatically activated with shaft 20 or ½’’ gas female connection.
  • Cutting depth is adjustable by hand wheel.
  • Manual head travel.

Why should you be interested in the TOP Manual Countertop Workcenter? First, the TOP is versatile. Because it performs many of the functions needed when creating countertops, it saves time. Second, the TOP can use templating for cutting tasks. As a result, the TOP is the perfect all-in-one work station for countertops.

What can I do with Achilli TOP multipurpose machine?

sink cut-out (with or without template)
– manual drilling by hand crank
shaping and polishing internal and external contours
sunken recess drainboards

Our TOP can do exactly what an expensive CNC working center does, but all the operation is manual, following a template. The result is indeed the same: good looking and accurate as if it was processed on sophisticated machinery. The good thing is that this solution is tailor-made for small fabricators who produce a few kitchens per month, buy Chinese slabs, sometimes need to rectify the surface and want to profile and polish the edges. We consider our TOP as an “all in one” machine. The only limit is the operator’s creativity.

Available Accessories:

The TOP Manual Countertop Workcenter offers the follwoing accessories:

  • Quick Drill – Operator uses the quick drill so it is easy to drill slabs.
  • Size Upgrade – Larger size available so customers can upgrade the Y axis from 31″ to 47″
  • Disc Holder – Offers the use of a diamond blade up to 8″ to perform cuts and mitering.
  • Modular Template – Templating (straight, curved, and oval) to install over stone.
  • Piece Holder – Raises and lowers the piece of stone that is being worked.

Find out all pictures and features of TOP multipurpose machine for kitchen top 

TOP Manual Countertop Workcenter
X Axis Travel 10’6″
Y Axis Travel 4′
Z Axis Travel 6″
Main Motor Power 3.3kW = 4.5HP
Main Motor Rotation Speed 1500-10000 RPM
Standard Voltage-Frequency 230V-50/60Hz 1 Phase

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the TOP Manual Working Center via download: