SMART Multipurpose Stone Fabrication Machine

SMART Specialty Fabrication Machine

Cut, Polish, Groove, Profile, Cut-out Sinks

SMART All in One Fabrication Machine

This fabrication machine is great for use in fabrication shops because of its multipurpose nature. Additionally, The SMART is equipped with a number of features and offers optional features as well. The standard and optional features include:

SMART Features

  • Frame – Galvanized steel frame and worktop.
  • Head Motion – Micrometrical adjustment of the spindle motion along the axes Y and Z operated by gear motor & cutting depth adjustment by hand wheel so the operator has control.
  • Operating Head – Powerful and reliable pressurized electrospindle with external lubrication automatically activated when the motor turns on. Hence it is easy to operate.
  • Cutting – Maximum diamond blade diameter 200mm (approximately 8″) – cutting depth 35mm at 90°, 30mm at 45°.
  • Drilling – Maximum core drill diameter 80mm (maximum tool length 80mm)
  • Edge Profiling & Polishing – Maximum shaped wheel height 100mm (approximately 4″) – maximum wheel diameter 120mm (approximately 4.75″).
  • Surface Polishing – Surface and straight edge polishing so finishing is possible with pads maximum diameter 4.5″.

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X Axis Travel 59″ – 147.6″
Y Axis Travel 25.6″ – 35.4″ (+4.72″)
Z Axis Travel 5″
Workpiece Maximum Dimensions 118″x43″
Maximum Working Thickness 5.9″ (1.18″ for blade – 3.15″ for wheel)
Main Motor Power 3.3 kW = 4.5HP – 1500/10000 rpm
Standard Voltage-Frequency (3-phase) 400V-50Hz / 230V-60Hz

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