Granite and Marble Slab Carts

SC500 Slab Carts
Fabricators know the value of good stone fabrication equipment. And slab carts are an important part of making your life easier. Achilli carts are high quality machines. Thus, fabrication professionals can rely on this equipment. Stone professionals can accurately position, lift, and transport slabs with less effort. As a result you can better focus on your work and not on distractions. Fabricators can choose from different configurations of Achilli slab carts so you don’t have to settle. Let’s look at some slab cart features.

Slab Cart Worktop

Achilli worktops are fitted with hard wearing plastic wheels so you can easily load and unload slabs. These worktops adjust with control levers or a pendant control. So a single fabricator can lift an entire granite slab onto a saw or other machine.

Telescopic Panel

Even large slabs are position-able with slab carts. The panel expands outward so the control levers are reachable.

Fabricators rely on Achilli machines because of quality, design, and ease of use. Hence, adding a slab cart to your shop will allow you to focus on production, not positioning.