Reusing Granite Slabs from Various Sources

“Craftily” Reusing Granite Slabs from Various Sources

If you are a thrifty craftsman or just a frugal home owner, you appreciate a great deal about materials or home furnishings. This post will provide you with some specific granite salvage tips. Additionally, you may find help if you are looking to reclaim granite for a remodel or upgrade project.

Coutner Tops With Salvaged Granite

Re-purpose Your Kitchen Counter for Bath Vanity

If you are planning a kitchen renovation and you have existing granite counter tops installed, here is an idea. Consider reclaiming the granite from the kitchen and using it for the smaller bathroom vanity surface. This “crafty” concept is particularly appealing if your bathroom does not have granite vanities or if you prefer a new look and want to remodel the bathroom at the same time.

Remove Without Breaking Stone

If you’re reclaiming granite from your own home, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind. First, removing the counter top from the kitchen will require some patience and care. Since the stone has cutouts, it can be week in certain spots. Second, you need a way to cut and handle the stone on location. This may require specific stone tools designed for handling and shaping or cutting granite.

Vanity in Bathroom

Scrap Granite for Renovation Projects

If you are not trying to re-purpose the counter material from your own kitchen, there are other ways to get your hands on good quality, yet lower cost material. Artisans at times seek out reclaimed or salvaged granite for use in a remodel or renovation. While these sources are not heavily promoted, they do exist if you know how find them.

Where to Get Salvaged Granite Scraps

Finding scrap or reclaimed granite can be a challenge if you are new to the idea. However, you may be able to find some material relatively quickly with a little bit of “crafty” searching online. Once found, with a little bit of cleaning, your granite can look as good as new. The key is utilize Google to find fabrication shops or stone suppliers that have them.

Searchers locate suppliers or fabricators trying to recoup costs from past projects by using specific key words in your search. Trying search terms like “cutoffs”, “mis-measure”, “salvage”, and even “reclaimed” can help you get a list of businesses or individuals that are looking for interested buyers.

In addition to using the right keywords, Google allows you to tell it to give you results of pages that have specific words in the title of the page. For example, instead of just searching for “salvaged granite”, you can ask Google to give you pages that have that phrase as the title by entering your search this way: intitle:salvaged intitle:granite. The results of that search returns pages that have both words in the title of the page.

Reclaiming granite has proven to be a challenge for some. Yet, with some creative thinking and a tiny bit of technical know-how, you can find it and use it to reduce the cost of your remodel or renovation.