AMS HT Portable Sliding Head Bench Saw

AMS HT Portable Bench Stone Saw

The AMS-HT portable stone saw is a compact and sturdy stone cutting machine that has a sliding head. Stone cutters and installers can use this machine as a wet saw. Additionally, the AMS HT works as a tile saw. Professionals can rely on the quality of this saw and its accuracy is also guaranteed. The features of this stone & tile saw are as follows:

Standard Features

  • Manual head motion – Stone professionals can make cuts up to 51″ with this saw’s useful cut lengths: 24″ – 31″ – 39″ – 51″ at customer’s choice.
  • Depth Adjustment – Operators are able to adjust the cutting depth manually by means of the “plunge” cutting mechanism.
  • Worktable – Customers can choose galvanized steel rails worktable with rail width of 21″ or 26″.
  • Tilting Bridge – Tile and stone pros can make cuts from 90° to 45° because of the bridge tilt feature on this saw.
  • Water Tank – This wet saw has a built in recycling pump in the water tank.
  • Portability – Tile and stone installers can fold the legs up on this saw, so it is great for on site installers or tilers needing a portable stone saw.

Optional Features

  • Extension Table – Customers can optionally include extension table(s) to allow for additional support.

Operators can use this saw for cuts up to 51″ in length. However, are available different cut lengths. These cutting lengths include:

24″ AMS 60 HT
31″ AMS 80 HT
39″ AMS 100 HT
51″ AMS 130 HT

You can have AMS in a smaller version that mount 10”, 12” or 14” blades check out AMS portable saw.

Here you find all the information and pictures of AMS construction and tile saws