MBS Monoblock Bridge Saw

MBS 3000 Monoblock Bridge Saw

This monoblock bridge saw features a steel frame. It is sandblasted and ceramic coated. The head of this bridge saw features manual rotation in the following four orthagonal positions:

  • 90°
  • 180°
  • 270°

Stone fabricators select this saw because it is the perfect combination of efficiency, flexibility and durability. Take a closer look the features of the MBS Monoblock Bridge Saw:


  • Frame – The frame is sandblasted and ceramic coated so it is long lasting. Customers can choose a hot dip galvanized frame. Hence, increasing durability.
  • Head Motion – Operators can utilize the motorized the head’s 3 travel axes (x, y, z) with variable speed. Additionally, the head travels on steel guides with angled rack and pinion so you can be assured of high precision.
  • Head Rotation – Operator benefits from manual rotation of the head in four orthogonal position: 0-90-180-270 degrees.
  • Head Tilt – Users head can be tilted from 90° to 45° so inclined cuts can be performed.
  • Laser – Machine operator can make precise cuts by utilizing the laser alignment device. Therefore, producing quality work.
  • Pop-up Rollers – Machinists can add this optional feature and thus receive assistance with easy slab loading.
  • Slab Loader – Operators can lift many times more than their weight with the motorized slab loader. Hence, loading and off-loading slabs is much easier.
  • Pendant Control – Operate the controls from a distance with the pendant control. Hence, easier operation.
  • Water Tray – You can add a water tray with a built in recycling pump.
  • Tiliting table: for easy slab loading and positioning
X Axis Travel 10′ – 11’5″
Y Axis Travel 6′
Z Axis Travel 15″
Fixed Worktable Dimensions 12.5′ x 7.2′
Diamond Blade Diameter 14″ – 20″
Blade Bore Size 2″
Manual Head Tilt 90° – 45°
Head Rotation 0° – 90° – 180° – 270°
Main Motor Power 7.5kW = 10HP
Main Motor Rotation Speed 1400 rpm 50Hz
Standard Voltage-Frequency 400V-50/60hz

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the MBS via download: