MAS Multipurpose Stone Fabrication System

MAS Multipurpose Stone Fabrication System

MAS Multipurpose Stone Fabrication System

The MAS multi-functional system can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Cutting
  • Edge Profiling
  • Edge Polishing
  • Chamfering

Since the MAS system can perform so many different functions, it is a great solution for keeping costs reduced. One machine that can perform many processes with the simple change of the head accessory. This multipurpose stone fabrication system is a machine with the following features:

MAS features:

  • Frame: the steel frame is sandblasted and ceramic coated so it is durable.
  • Head Motion: motorized head travel with variable speed on x and z axis in both directions. Additionally, there are three different head feed modes:
    1. Forward Only
    2. Reverse and Forward (single cycle)
    3. Forward and Reverse Continuously

    This machine has a 2-speed main motor for use on marble and granite.

  • Head Tilt: manual head tilt from 90° to 45° for cutting or chamfering and to 0° for edge profiling and polishing.
  • Available with pop-up rollers: hydraulic motorized pop-up rollers so slab positioning is easy.
  • Extensions & Side Top: No. 12 work table extensions, side extension table 59″ x 34″ and guiding bar with side stops.
  • Water Tray: optional water tray with a built in recycling pump.
  • Laser: optional laser alignment device mounted on the head shows the blade’s cutting line so cuts are more accurate.
  • Parallel Cuts Device: Machine can be equipped with a special device that, controlling the movement of the side stop, facilitates the execution of parallel cuts. Additionally, the side stop runs parallel to the cutting line by means of a special hand wheel.

This machine is only one of the many Stone Fabrication Specialty Saws by Achilli.

Check here all the information about MAS multipurpose machine.

X Axis Travel 10′
Z Axis Travel 9″
Worktable Dimension 10’9″ x 3’3″
Diamond Blade Diameter 16″
Blade Bore Size 2″
Profiling Wheels Bore Size 1.38″ – Lower Diameter 2.36″
Main Motor Power 5.5kW = 7.5HP triphase
Main Motor Rotation Speed 5.5 kW = 7.5HP – 1400 rpm (1700 rpm 60Hz)
7.5 kW = 10HP – 2800 rpm (3400 rpm 60 Hz)
Standard Voltage/Frequency 400V-50Hz/230V-60Hz

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the MAS via download: