LS40 CE Hydraulic Step Grinding Machine

LS40 Hydraulic Step Grinding Machine

LS40 CE Hydraulic Step Grinding Machine & Polisher

The LS40 CE is a 1 phase step grinding machine that can grind or polish steps in a stair case. The LS40 CE also works on small flat surfaces that are not steps. The features of the hydraulic step grinding machine are:

  • Drive System – Hydraulic drive system.
  • Height Adjustment – The height can be adjusted with a hand wheel from 0″ to 8.25″ so various step styles can be polished.
  • Polishes Small Surfaces – Arm length of 29.5″ so it can be used on small surfaces that are flat.
  • Water Adjustment – Operator can adjust the water flow.
  • Edge Polishing Wheels – Utilizes edge-polishing wheels, 150 mm in diameter, with right-handed snail lock.
  • Accessories – Provided accessories include:
    • Abrasive holding plates (flat and with snail lock)
    • 2 abrasive holding plate shock-absorbers
    • Plastic splash guard ring

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Power 0.75Kw – 1HP
Voltage 230V (monophase)
Abrasive Holding Plate 5.9″
Plate RPM & Peripheral Speed 720 rpm – 340 m/min
Net Weight 97 lbs.
Gross Weight 116 lbs.

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the LS40 via download: