Landscaping Design Stone

Landscaped House
If you have ever seen a landscaped lawn or a hardscaped back yard that was breathtaking, chances are it was created using landscaping design stone. Pools, porches, walkways, driveways, even outdoor kitchens are among the kinds of projects that stand out due to landscape design stone.

Even though you may have heard about one of the brands while you were perusing through home improvement store, you may not have ever stopped to give thought to just how big of a role landscape design block and stone pavers play in the grand scheme of landscaping and hardscaping. What is the contribution of stone in landscape design?

Importance of Landscape Design Stone

To say that stone is a decorative addition to a design would be an understatement. As a matter of fact, often times stone hardscape features are the focal point in the design. Moreover, many times entire features are constructed entirely out of stone materials that have been produced by some of the companies found in this area of the website.

Whether it is a landscape design that incorporates a retaining wall into the project, or a pool deck that compliments the swimming area. Each feature constructed from stone must be carved up and placed perfectly in the design to capture the right look and feel.

Stone Landscaping Design

Landscaping is very dependent upon stone. In fact, many landscape projects make use of all kinds of stone products. Here are some examples of ways that stone is used in landscaping.

  1. Retaining Walls
  2. Flower Bed Borders
  3. Stepping Stone Paths
  4. Decorative Features

We have all seen lawns that lacked any kind of landscaping and even when yards are landscaped, many people agree that stone adds a great deal of sophistication to a landscape design.

Front of Home Landscaping

Stone Hardscape Features

Another aspect of exterior construction and design is hardscaping. Hardscape design features, like the landscaping features we discussed above also depend on stone for breathtaking presentations. When you consider the many ways that stone enhances the look of an outdoor area through hardscape design, the value becomes clear.

One way that stone is incorporated into outdoor hardscapes is by being used in outdoor kitchens. Another use for stone in hardscapes is fire pits and fireplaces. But that is not all. There are seating areas, steps, and even planter boxes constructed entirely out of hardscaping stone blocks of various shapes and sizes. And even though the two facets of stone landscaping design that we have considered are impressive, there is perhaps and even more impressive aspect to consider.

Outdoor Stone Surfaces

Surfaces are often times overlooked. And yet, they are at the same time magnificent to behold when they are constructed using texture, color, and patterns. Here are some uses for stone in the construction of outdoor stone surfaces.

One way that stone is used to construct or enhance landscapes and hardscapes is by using it for patio construction. Patios are often times the center of outdoor activity. Pavers make great patio surfaces of all sorts of sizes and shapes.

Another use for stone in hardscaping is pool decks. Swimming pool decks are wet a lot of the time, so the surface needs to be slip resistant. Pavers and other variations of stone make good pool decking because they are absorbent and water does not stand on them for very long. Yet, stone decks are also appealing to the eye.

Finally, outdoor walkways, driveways, and parking areas are all eye-catching surfaces that leave an impression on those that observe them. Using multiple colors arranged in patterns can be an impactful way of making an outdoor surface stand out from the rest of the hardscape.

Landscape Stone Companies

Landscaping materials are provided by a number of landscape and hardscape stone companies. From pavers, to wall blocks; tiles to edging stones. The list of companies that produce landscaping design stone includes many companies you may have heard of, including:

  • Pavestone Pavers
  • Belgard
  • Unilock
  • Techo-Bloc
  • Cambridge Pavers
  • Eagle Bay Pavers
  • EP Henry Hardscape Materials
  • Rochester Concrete Products
  • Pennstone
  • Oakville Stone
  • Best Way Stone
  • Permacon
  • Anchor Block
  • Nicolock
  • County Materials Corporation
  • Hanover
  • Belden
  • Peachtree Pavers Inc.
  • TrueGrid
  • Basalite

As we have considered, stone landscaping and hardscaping products play a large role in the construction of an impressive landscape design. Hardscape features are also heavily dependent on the material. So if you are a landscaping professional, be sure to keep in mind the ways you can make good use of landscaping design stone in your projects.