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Looking to Increase Fabrication Efficiency

One of the steps that successful fabricators take is making changes to increase the efficiency of the fabrication process. Increasing fabrication efficiency can boost production. This in turn, yields increased profit potential. In this post, we will look at three things that fabrication professionals can do to increase fabrication efficiency.
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Knowing Your Markets

Giving attention to your customers’ needs is one area that can boost efficiency. Knowing what your customer wants and why they want it can bring a wealth of knowledge. As a result, his information can help you improve the process for that particular customer.

Not every customer is the same but, there are many preferences that various customers share. Knowing these common preferences can help you design your production. Furthermore, your production can be tailored to meet the needs of these customer groups.

Another helpful outcome of knowing your customer is that you can improve the communication process and reduce costs on follow up visits to correct misunderstandings. So, knowing your markets is one way to lower the cost of production.

Provide High Quality

As mentioned above, reducing misunderstandings can result in increased fabrication efficiency. Having a skilled team of installers that are creative can contribute to this outcome. Skilled installers also can provide high quality and resolve any ‘unique’ design or layout challenges on location. This results in less down time. So, having high quality installers is a key to increasing efficiency. And, high quality makes a difference in another area as well.

Invest In Efficient Machines

The quality of the install team can be affected by the quality of the tools that installers use. Having portable tile saws that are high quality can reduce breakdowns. This means higher production rates.

Increasing efficiency in the shop can also help. This is true particularly if you have a customer group that needs a particular kind of project on a regular basis. Maybe your shop could benefit from having one saw dedicated to performing one task. Or, maybe your shop could utilize an overflow station if your production demands it. Really, how you choose to arrange your workflow can have a direct impact on your efficiency. Which, as stated above, can impact your profits.

In conclusion, there are always steps that fabricators can take to improve efficiency. The key is to look for ways to decrease ‘down time’. Making every second count is the key to fabrication efficiency.