Granite Trolley for Stone Slabs

Granite Trolley

SC800 PC Granite Trolley for Stone

The SC800 PC Granite Trolley is a hydraulic motorized slab trolley. Fabricators find this slab cart indispensable for moving and carrying slabs from storage. Additionally, operators lift and position granite or marble slabs onto the machine table with this granite trolley. In fact, the SC800 PC is equipped with many features including the following:

SC800 PC Features

  • Lifting – Worktop is adjustable in height from 25.5″ to 38″ so operators have flexibility.
  • Handling – Fabricators can control hydraulics easily with the corded pendant control unit.
  • Telescopic Panel – An operator can use the pendant controls so loading large slabs is easy.
  • Frame – Operators enjoy the stable and sturdy steel frame, equipped with 4 pneumatic wheels (2 pivoting). Resulting in a loading capacity of 1102 lbs.
  • Worktop – The 54″ × 79″ worktop has hard wearing plastic wheels so slab loading and off-loading is easier.