EUROPA 88-CE 3 Phase Floor Grinder and Polisher

EUROPA 88 CE Polishing Grinder

EUROPA 88 CE 3 Phase Granite Grinder

The EUROPA 88 CE is a 3 phase granite grinder and hard stone machine. Additionally, it is made specifically for granite and other hard stones and materials. Also, there are accessories available for this machine.

Standard Features

  • Planetary Head – Operators can use the planetary head for working granite and hard stone using traditional abrasive rollers on magnesite.
  • Abrasive Holding Plate – Customers get Prismatic, Frankfurt or Comma type abrasive holding plates for this machine to expand its functionality.
  • Provided Accessories – Professionals get these provided accessories with the floor grinder:
    • Planetary Head
    • Abrasive Holding Plate
    • Shock Absorbing Springs
    • Splash Guard Ring
    • Squeegee
    • Service Wrenches
    • Transportation Handle
    • Metal Tool Box
  • Machine Level Adjustment – Machine operator level the machine by adjusting the eccentric wheel axis so the machine grinds evenly.
  • Machine Lift – Manual hydraulic pump machine lift.
  • Variable Speed – The machine’s operator adjusts the speed on the machine by selecting one of four different speeds. Hence, the operator has control.

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