GOLD CNC Controlled Bridge Saw

CNC Controlled Bridge Saw

GOLD CNC Controlled 4 Axis Bridge Saw

This GOLD CNC Controlled 4 axis bridge saw offers a monoblock structure for easy installation; it does not reqire a foundation. Additionally, the GOLD features a high precision head motion on linear guides with recirculating ball slides. This is accomplished with motors equipped with frequency inverters.

Advantages of the GOLD 4 Axis Bridge Saw

  • Is customizable to meet your requirements.
  • Monoblock structure for easy installation.
  • Available with various worktables including:
    • Fixed Worktable
    • Tilting Worktable
    • Rotating Worktable
  • Automatic head rotation.
  • 0°-90° head tilt range.
  • 1/2″ gas connection for mounting core drills.

Available Accessories:

The GOLD CNC Controlled 4 Axis Bridge Saw can have the following accessories included:

  • Galvanized Frame – Hot dipped galvanized frame for machine durability.
  • Rotating Table – Available with free lock and positive locks at ± 180°, ± 90°, ± 45° and 0°.
  • Tilting Worktable – Motorized and CNC-controlled hydraulic worktable tilt, for easy slab loading. Worktable dimensions 138″x75″.
  • Pop Up Rollers – Hydraulic motorized pop-up rollers for easy slab loading and positioning.
  • Pendant Control – Cable or wireless pendant control enabling quick head movement when the operator is working far from the control position.
  • Water Tank – Water tank with built in recycling pump for model with fixed worktable.
  • Slab Loader – Motorized slab loader with hydraulic tilt permitting easy slab loading and off loading from machine’s worktable, in machines with fixed worktable.
  • Laser – Laser alignment device mounted on the head shows the blade’s cutting line.

GOLD 4 Axis Bridge Saw
X Axis Travel 138″
Y Axis Travel 78.75″
Z Axis Travel 15″
Worktable Dimensions 189″ x 87″
Blade Diameter 14″ – 20″
Blade Bore Size 2″
Manual Head Tilt 90°-0°
Head Rotation 0°-90° / 0°-360°
Main Motor Power 11kW = 15HP
Main Motor Rotation Speed 1400 RPM 50Hz – 1700 RPM 60Hz
Main Motor Variable Speed (Optional) 800 RPM – 2500 RPM
Standard Voltage/Frequency 400V-50/60Hz / 230V-60Hz 3 Phase

Phone: (704) 893-4634

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the AFR A330 ZM HT via download: