LM30 CE Floor Grinding and Polishing

FLoor Machine Polisher Grinder

LM30 CE Marble Floor Polishing Machine and Grinder

This 1 phase floor polishing machine is made specifically for marble, terrazzo, concrete, and other materials similar to them. Maintenance professionals can get extra weight and a bush-hammering plate as an optional feature. However, there are accessories provided. Here is a breakdown of the features of this floor polishing machine so you can determine what you will need.

LM30 CE Standard Features:

  • Abrasive Holding Plate – Customers can get prismatic, frankfurt or comma type abrasive holding plates for this machine.
  • Provided Accessories – Professionals receive these provided accessories with the floor polishing grinder:
    • Abrasive Holding Plate
    • Shock Absorbing Spring
    • Splash Guard Ring
    • Squeegee
    • Service Wrenches
  • Machine Level Adjustment – Machine operators can level the machine by the eccentric wheel axis so the machine grinds evenly.

LM30 CE Optional Features

  • Accessories – Extra weight and Bush-hammering plate is optional.

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