EUROPA VE Universal Floor Grinder and Polisher

EUROPA VE Universal Floor Polishing Grinder

EUROPA VE Universal Floor Grinder & Polisher

The EUROPA VE is a 3 phase floor grinding and polishing machine (A.K.A. universal floor grinder). Additionally, it is made specifically for terazzo, concrete, marble, and other materials. Also, accessories are available for this machine.

Standard Features

  • Motor – The frequency inverter drives a 3-phase motor which improves machine output. Hence, operators of the machine are more productive.
  • Abrasive Holding Plate – Customers can get prismatic, frankfurt or comma type abrasive holding plates for this machine.
  • Provided Accessories – Professionals get these provided accessories with the floor polishing grinder:
    • Planetary Head
    • Abrasive Holding Plate
    • Shock Absorbing Springs
    • Splash Guard Ring
    • Squeegee
    • Service Wrenches
    • Transportation Handle
    • Metal Tool Box
  • Machine Level Adjustment – Machine operator levels the machine by the eccentric wheel axis so the machine grinds evenly.
  • Variable Speed – Operator can adjust the speed on the machine by selecting one of four different speeds. Hence, the operator has control.

Optional Features

  • Transportable – Customers can disassemble the EUROPA VE into 4 parts so it can be transported and stocked or perform maintenance on the machine.
  • Accessories – Customers can optionally add the bush-hammering plate. Therefore, you can customize this machine to suit your needs.
  • Electric Machine Level Adjustment – Operators can level the machine with the electrically controlled gearmotor. (EUROPA-VES)

Customers can check out the full line of floor grinding machines and polishers right here on this site. Additionally, customize your order from Achilli.

Power 5.5kW 3 phase
Voltage 400V
Motor Rotation Speed 1400 rpm
Planetary Head 11.81″
Abrasive Roller 3.94″ screw-on lock
Abrasive Holding Plate 12.6″
Plate RPM & Peripheral Speed I – 372 rpm – 350 m/min
II – 425 rpm – 400 m/min
III – 478 rpm – 450 m/min
IV – 563 rpm – 530 m/min
Water Tank Capacity 8.72 Gallons
Size 25″ x 47″ x 42.24″
Dimensions of pallet 31.5″ x 42.24″ x 47.64″
Net Weight 441 lbs.
Gross Weight 650 lbs.

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the EUROPA VE via download: