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Best Diamond Blades

Best Diamond Blades

Ask a diamond blade manufacturer which blade is the best and you will find out that the answer to that question is not as simple as it may seem when it is asked. As you will see in this post, determining what the best diamond blades are depends on some factors.

Why the Answer Is Not Cut and Dried

It is easy to get roped into thinking that getting the best diamond saw blade is as easy as 1, 2, 3. In fact,in your mind you may even imagine that the process may go something like the following:

  1. Do a Google Search
  2. Read Some Reviews About Some Blades
  3. Choose Your Blade

However, getting the best saw blades for stone materials is not that simple. In fact, one should really be thinking about diamond blades in a narrower scope. Why?

Factors Affecting Blade Choice

There are a few key factors that will affect how you define “the best”. This is because each job has specific requirements that affect the choice. Some dependencies include:

  • Type of Stone Being Cut
  • Size of Blade the Tool Requires
  • The Type of Cut Being Performed
  • The Blade’s Lifespan
  • The Environment the Cutting is Done In
  • The Price of the Blade

As you can see from the list above, the factors involved could be prioritized differently by different fabrication professionals. For example, one professional might use blades in both wet and dry environments whereas the next fabricator might only work in a wet environment.

In such a case, each fabricator will place different weight on the whether a diamond blade can be used dry. Hence, this directly affects the value of the blade from the perspective of the person buying the blade.

What to Consider When Choosing Blades

The real question is not, “What is the best diamond blade?” The real question is, “Which blades are the best for the tasks I perform?” These questions may seem to be the same, but they are different.

When deciding which blade(s) to choose for your frequent cutting jobs, it is good to be educated on what each blade is designed to do. Knowing which blades perform well for certain tasks will allow you to choose the proper blade. As a result, your equipment will perform at its best and your customer will be pleased with your work.