AW TS 4 Axis Bridge Saw

AW TS 4 Axis Fabrication Bridge Saw

AW TS 4 Axis Bridge Saw for Interpolated Straight Cuts

This 4 axis bridge saw with automatic rotation of the head allows for programming interpolated straight cuts in all directions. By means of motors that make use of digital inverters, linear guides with recirculating ball slides guarantee the highest accuracy in the motion of the head. The standard and optional features include:

  • Head Motion – Linear guides (X and Z axes) with recirculating ball slides by means of motors equipped with digital inverters. Therefore, precision is high.
  • Frame – Sandblasted and ceramic coated steel frame.
  • CNC Control – CNC axis control unit with touch-screen display so you can program for cuts.
  • Head Rotation – Auto rotation of the head 0-360 degrees so you can program interpolated straight cuts. Push button hydraulic lock of main motor rotation.
  • Head Tilt – Manual head tilt from 90 to 45 degrees and 90 to 0 degrees for horizontal cuts.

AW TS Bridge Saw Optional Features

  • Laser – Laser alignment device mounted on the head shows the blade’s cutting line so you are always on track.
  • Pendant Control – Cable or wireless pendant control. Hence, the head moves quickly when the operator is working far from the control position.
  • Pop-up Rollers – Hydraulic motorized pop-up rollers so you can load and position slabs easily.

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Fabricators can choose from a variety of CNC bridge saws. Although CNC bridge saws have some similarities, like this 4 axis bridge saw, they are configurable in a variety of ways. Hence, professionals are free to customize the perfect saw for their shop or work environment.

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