ARS 100 Angle Cutting Revolving Saw

ARS 100 Revolving Circular Cross Cut Saw

ARS 100 Angle Cutting Revolving Saw

This circular cross cut revolving saw is great for simplifying cuts on small pieces. Floor tiling professionals with a specialty in design appreciate its revolving motion. Operators can use the standard and optional features below to get the best performance out of this revolving cross cutting saw.

Standard Features

  • Head Motion – Operators can move the head manually while working with slabs of 15″ to 23″ depending on the angle. Therefore, achieving complete control of cutting.
  • Head Rotation – Designers enjoy the swiveling head assembly range of 45° – 0° – 45° because it allows for cutting control.

Optional Features

  • Laser – Operators can get laser accuracy with the laser alignment device mounted on the head. Hence, precision cuts can be made.
  • Automatic Speed Reduction – Customers can add the optional automatic cross forwarding speed reduction so the end of the cut is clean.
  • Extension Table – Operators can increase the working area by adding the optional extension table. Additionally, the extension table has rollers so moving pieces is easier.
  • Variable Speed – Operators may also choose to add motorized head travel with variable speed so that the head movement is easier.

ARS 100 revolving cross cut saws come in a variety of configurations. While this saw makes use of 10″, 12″, or 14″ blades, the ARS 100 HT uses 16″ blades. if you are interested in the “big brother” of this model, check out this 16″ or 18″ revolving cross cutting saw.

Max Cutting Depth 4″
Diamond Blade Diameter 10″, 12″, 14″
Blade Bore Size 1″
Motor Power 4kW = 5.5HP 3-phase
Motor Rotation Speed 2800 rpm 50Hz – 3400 rpm 60Hz
Standard Voltage 400V-50Hz / 230V-60Hz

Achilli is committed to building user-friendly machines with a high level of flexibility and customization, satisfying as much as possible the requirements of our customers, with whom we want to establish a willing cooperation relationship that goes far beyond mere supply of machinery.

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