ALU Light Weight Portable Bench Saw

ALU Portable Aluminum Bench Saw

This wet tile saw with portable bench is ideal for use on construction sites. Additionally, the sliding bench is great for use on a variety of building materials. Tile installers can transport the saw easily by folding the legs up so that it is easy to load. Additionally, this light weight portable saw is sturdy and made for accurate cutting. The features of the ALU are as follows:

ALU Features

  • Frame – Frame and beam made in aluminum
  • Bench Motion – The manual head feed for tile machine allows for different useful cut: 2’- 2’7” – 3’3” – 4’3” – 4’11”.
  • Depth Adjustment – Construction professionals can adjust the cutting depth using the “plunge” mechanism.
  • Worktable – The worktable is made in of galvanized steel rails, the operators can make good use of the adjustable squaring bar so that the cuts are accurate. Also, the built in handle on the worktable results in easy portability.
  • Head Tilt – Operators can use the bridge tilt for cutting from 90° to 45° so that cuts are accurate.
  • Water Tank – The ALU offers a self contained water tank with a pump so the machine does not need to be next to a water source.
  • Legs – Folding legs for easy transport.

The ALU is available with different cutting lengths:

  • 24″ ALU 60
  • 31″ ALU 80
  • 39″ ALU 100
  • 51″ ALU 130
  • 59″ ALU 150

These portable bench saws are for construction professionals that prefer tough, portable saw. Also, the aluminum frame lightens the load.

Here you can find all the information and pictures about ALU aluminum saw

Useful Cut 24″ – 31″ – 39″ – 51″ – 59″
Diamond Blade Diameter 10″ 12″ 14″
Blade Bore Size 1″
Motor Power (standard) 2.2kW = 3HP 1-phase
Motor Rotation Speed 2800 rpm 50Hz – 3400 rpm 60Hz
Standard Voltage 230V-50/60Hz

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the ALU via download: