AFR A330 ZM Fixed Bridge Saw

AFR A330 ZM HT Bridge Saw Large Blades

AFR A330 ZM Fixed Bridge Saw

This machine is great for use in small and large fabrication shops because of its configuration. Additionally, The AFR A330 ZM fixed bridge saw is equipped with a number of features and offers optional features as well. The standard and optional features include:

AFR A330 ZM Standard Features

  • Head Feed – Motorized head feed with variable speed in both directions so the operator has control.
  • Worktable – The worktable is made of galvanized steel rails with powder finish, hence it is durable.
  • Extension Tables – This saw is equipped with No. 2 side extension tables 31.5″ x 23″ and side stop, therefore it is expandable.
  • Cutting Depth Adjustment – Motorized cutting depth adjustment by geared motor.
  • Bridge Tilt – Due to the manual bridge tilt for cutting from 90 to 45 degrees fabricators are able to make precise cuts.

AFR A330 ZM Optional Features

  • Laser – Laser alignment device mounted on the head shows the blade’s cutting line so you are always on track.
  • Device for Parallel Cuts – Machine can be equipped with a special device that facilitates the execution of parallel cuts.
  • Multiple Blades – Professionals can equip the saw with multiple blades for processing anti-slip grooves.
  • Water Tank – Professionals can add a water tank with built in recycling pump.

Browse AFR Series

Fabricators can choose from an entire line of AFR fixed bridge saws. Although all saws in the series are very similar, they are configurable in a variety of ways. Hence, professionals are free to customize the perfect saw.

Useful Cut 11′
Diamond Blade Diameter 10″ 12″ 14″
Blade Bore Size 1″
Motor Power 4kW = 5.5HP 3-phase
Motor Rotation Speed 2800 rpm 50Hz – 3400 rpm 60Hz
Standard Voltage 400V-50Hz / 230V-60Hz

Phone: 1-877-315-4761
Phone: 1-704-940-0115

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