AFR M-HT Fixed Bridge Manual Saw

AFR M-HT Fixed Bridge Manual Saw

The AFR M-HT fixed bridge manual saw is a compact and sturdy saw with a fixed bridge. The bridge tilt and the water tank with built-in recycling pump make it suitable for workshops. It is equipped with 1 extension table to increase stability and facilitate the movement of the work pieces. This saw works with 16″, 18″ and 20″ blades. The standard and optional features include:

AFR M HT Features

  • Head Feed – Manual head feed.
  • Useful cut – AFR M-HT is available with different cutting lengths: 31″ – 39″ – 51″.
  • Worktable – The worktable is made of galvanized steel rails with powder finish, hence it is durable.
  • Extension Tables – This saw is equipped with a side extension table 31.5″ x 23″.
  • Cutting Depth Adjustment – Another feature is the manual cutting depth adjustment.
  • Bridge Tilt – Due to the manual bridge tilt for cutting from 90 to 45 degrees fabricators are able to make precise cuts.
  • Water Tank – The machine worktable is equipped with a water tank with built in recycling pump.
  • Laser – Optional laser alignment device mounted on the head shows the blade’s cutting line so you are always on track.

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Fabricators can choose from an entire line of AFR fixed bridge saws. Although all saws in the series are very similar, they are configurable in a variety of ways. Hence, professionals are free to customize the perfect saw.

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Useful Cut 31″ – 39″ – 51″
Diamond Blade Diameter 16″ – 18″ – 20″
Blade Bore Size 1″
Motor Power 4kW = 5.5HP 3-phase
Motor Rotation Speed 1400 rpm 50Hz – 1700 rpm 60Hz
Standard Voltage 400V-50Hz / 230V-60Hz

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the AFR M HT via download: