ADR 130 CE Portable Block Saw

Portable Block Saw ADR 130 CE

ADR 130 Portable Block Saw

The ADR 130 portable block has a sliding head that is great for cutting thick building materials. Owners of this stone saw can count on its longevity because of the sturdy construction. Additionally, this stone saw delivers a high degree of accuracy. The ADR 130 CE offers a variety of standard features as well as a few optional features that can be added to enhance the performance of this wet stone saw. The standard and optional features are as follows:

ADR 130 Standard Features

  • Head Motion – The Manual head feed of the ADR 130 delivers a cutting length of 51″.
  • Cutting Depth – This portable block saw offers a manual cutting depth adjustment for the convenience and accuracy of the operator.
  • Worktable – With a worktable made from galvanized steel rails the ADR 130 CE is a durable saw. Additionally, the the built in handle and squaring bar make using this saw on the job site convenient.
  • Bridge Tilt – The operator can manually tilt the bridge on this block saw for cutting 90° to 45°.
  • Water Tank – The self-contained water try and recycling pump allow the operator to use this saw away from a water source.
  • Portability – Construction professionals can fold the legs up for easy transport making this stone saw portable.

ADR 130 Optional Features

  • Extension Table – Customers can choose to add side extension table(s) so that there is a larger support area for the operator.

The useful cut of this saw is 51″. If you would like a portable block saw with a 39″ cut, the ADR 100 is what you are looking for.

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Useful Cut 51″
Diamond Blade Diameter 25.5″
Blade Bore Size 1″
Motor Power 4kW = 5.5HP 3-phase
Motor Rotation Speed 1400 rpm 50Hz – 1700 rpm 60Hz
Standard Voltage 3 Phase 400V-50Hz

Get the complete information PDF which lists all the specifications for the ADR 130 CE via download: