Achilli – The Company and Its Mission

Founded in 1950 as a general engineering and metal working company, the family company Achilli shortly began to produce floor grinding and polishing equipment as its specialty.

The Achilli Evolution

Over the years Achilli has continued to expand by entering building and stonework fields of industry. As a result, the company is gaining considerable success in the international market and other areas. Thus, the company’s growth and experience has led to its global recognition. One thing Achilli is known for is producing products marked by outstanding quality. The company keeps the following factors in mind when producing machines:

  • Innovation
  • Competitive Prices
  • Short Delivery Times

Because of this focus, Achilli continues to gain global recognition.

The Mission

Achilli has always manufactured functional, practical and high quality machines designed to meet the ever more demanding requirements of the stone professionals. This is because ideas originate through customer interaction and interfacing with partners. Hence, the company is able to meet real everyday needs and offer creative solutions through technologies that are:

  • Advanced
  • Intuitive
  • Safe
  • Durable

The company’s commitment is to build user-friendly machines with a high level of flexibility and customization. Striving to satisfy the requirements of customers is important. Thus, the company works toward establishing a willing cooperative relationship with those customers. As a result, relationships go far beyond mere machinery supply.

Our strengths:

  • Quality: our comitment is to offer creative solutions through advanced, intuitive, safe and durable technology.
  • Customization: our machines are highly customizable and tailor made to better satisfy customer requirements.
  • Technical support: qualified technical service and constant availability of spare parts, even after many years from purchase.